Third Party Auditing

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes the voluntary contribution of economy to a sustainable development that goes beyond regulatory requirements and compliance. CSR stands for sustainable development and responsible business practices in the economic, environmental and social dimensions. It includes responsible entrepreneurial activity in business operations (market), relevant ecological aspects (environment), interaction with people (workplace) and inclusion of relevant stakeholders.  

Stakeholders are people or institutions that have a justified interest in the activities of an organization or are affected by its activities. Important stakeholders include providers of equity and debt, employees and unions, customers and suppliers, local residents, environmental and consumer associations, government and administration, media, and the public.

A part of the area of responsibility includes the value chain of an enterprise. Self-commitment related to compliance with labour and environmental standards and Supply-Chain-Management fall within this scope. Stakeholder dialogue is absolutely essential for a successful CSR.

Various approaches of Supply-Chain-Management have long been applied as measures aiming at strengthening CSR. Incidents like the collapsing building in Sabhar (2013), that claimed hundreds of lives, once more have put emphasize on the role of the entire supply chain of a single enterprise to shape CSR.

In order to ensure CSR along the entire supply chain, it is essential to audit all products and suppliers involved, and to extend this process to their suppliers as well.

CSR Audits shall include as a minimum the areas of human rights, fair working conditions, health and safety at the workplace and protection of the environment.

If there is a need to audit suppliers of your supply chain, we are happy to support you. We can draw from vast backgrounds of more than 10 years of experience in implementation, management, training and education of Third Party Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, we can perform the auditing of your supplier┬┤s Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) on your behalf. Please contact us.