Pandemic Planning

Disruption of critical business processes – in particular of time-critical processes – caused by the non-availability of necessary resources like personnel, equipment, materials, utilities, and IT-infrastructure, as well as data and information are the general scenarios that BCM is concerned with. The non-availability of personnel due to illnesses (pandemics) should therefore be covered in each Business Continuity Plan. This is even more important by the fact that in case of a pandemic disease also the business environment of an enterprise is likely to suffer as well. Important Third Parties, like suppliers, utility providers, transport, logistics and the entire administration are threatened with a complete failure for weeks and months.

Nevertheless a pandemic scenario requires some additional precautions for the enterprise to take, in particular in the areas of prevention, hygiene, and emergency management.

Most important:
  • Co-ordination with external organizations and local administration
  • Communication and instruction of employees
  • Health protection and hygiene at the workplace
  • Provisioning of personal protective equipment for employees and visitors
  • Creation of corporate behaviour policies and guidelines for the time of the pandemic
  • Special regulations concerning travel restrictions, work from home, flexible working hours etc.

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