Crisis Management

Crisis Management describes how to deal with crisis situations in a systematic manner. It includes Identification and Analysis of crisis situations, development of crisis exit strategies, and, if not yet done so in the context of risk management, the initiation and implementation of counter measures.

In expert literature, different types of crisis are being discussed. A crisis that threatens survival of the organization is of particular importance in the framework of Business Continuity Management.
Disruptive events resulting in such survival threatening situations comprise in particular Liquidity Problems, break-down of Business-critical Processes, failure of important customers and/or suppliers, and other economic issues that can result in insolvency. Measures that are suitable to effectively counteract this type of crisis, often include economic consultation or business restructuring and need to be implemented without delay.
Dr. Bellof Consulting is happy to support you with a basic redevelopment or simple revision of your own Crisis Management. You can rely on our more than 15 years of experience in implementation, management, training and education of Crisis Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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